The Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society was born out of a vision for Jewish and Christian education in the lands of the Bible based upon Isaiah’s belief that, “instruction will go forth from Jerusalem” ( Isaiah 2:3). Having taught in Israel since 1998, I have witnessed hundreds of people grow in knowledge of the Bible in ways that deepen their spiritual and academic life. JBSS hopes to encourage such study and experience.

This vision was realized in and through digging and guiding with the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, teaching Biblical Hebrew with the Biblical Language Center, teaching and administration with the Home for Bible Translators and Scholars – training Bible translators and scholars from around the world.

Pray that God might continue to bless the various local educational institutions here in and around Jerusalem  and be encouraged to participate in this study that greater learning and better living in the Church may be found. Please join us in catching Isaiah’s vision in the beautiful land of the Bible!

Brian (Baruch) Kvasnica




For more information, please contact us, email, or call us at 011-972-54-599-6993 (International) or 1-347-344-5795 (USA).