Suggestions Before Coming to the Land of the Bible

So, you are coming to visit the Land of the Bible. What are some ways in which you can prepare? Here we have included some helpful suggestions, recommendations, and tips to follow in preparation for your journey to the Holy Land. Whenever your trip may be, we hope that all will find each of these points valuable in obtaining an enlightening and transformative experience in Israel!


  1. Pray for the logistics (travel, flights, etc.), the group, the learning process, and for our hearts and minds to be open to for this time in the Land of the Bible.
  2. Read Deuteronomy, Matthew, and Acts noting locations and geographical features as well as noting Hebraic linguistic features and cultural data.
  3. Watch the introductory Satellite Bible Atlas (SBA) videos ( which help visualize the Land of the Bible.  We will provide copies of the Satellite Bible Atlas for you when you arrive at the course orientation.
  4. Brush up on your Hebrew – a great starting place is the Living Biblical Hebrew Part 1 – now online here.  Even if you’re accustomed to reading, you might benefit from hearing the language before being in the Land where Hebrew is spoken; about 80% of Biblical Hebrew crosses over to Modern Hebrew!
  5. Familiarize yourself with the SBA maps that we will use which are available here in .jpg format (Please note: this link is only for you, please do not share.)  Just follow the directions in how to download the maps and aerials.  There are also SBA Study Questions
We wish you a successful time of preparation before arriving here at the Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society in the Land of the Bible!