HBT 20th Anniversary Tour and Conference

Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators 

20th Anniversary Tour and Conference

A celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Home for Bible Translators!

On March 22 – April 1 2015 the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators, formerly known as the Home for Bible Translators, celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a tour of the land of the Bible and an international conference:

“Text in Context: the Significance of Studying the Text of the Bible in the Land of the Bible”

The study tour in the land of the Bible was lead by HBT co-directors Dr. Halvor and Mirja Ronning, Brian Kvasnica, and many others. It celebrated God’s work in bringing Bible translators and consultants from around the world to Jerusalem, embodying the vision: “instruction will go out from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2:3). Beginning in Jerusalem, the hub of the Biblical story, we journeyed through the Coastal Plain and up to the Galilee where Jesus lived and ministered for most of his life. Then the tour descended through the Jordan River Valley to the Jericho Plain and the Dead Sea. With Bible in hand, we enjoyed daily field trips to Biblical and modern sites. More than just a tour, this journey was designed to connect to the Scriptures through Biblical history, archaeology, geography, and ancient Judaic literature. Learning why the Land of the Bible is often called the “Fifth Gospel” with these insights bring a fresh perspective for understanding the Bible and the life of Jesus. More information and a video overview is found on the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translator’s website.