Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society: Friends of Jerusalem Seminary

Building a society that values Biblical study and experience in the Land of the Bible

The Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society was founded in 2006 to engender a communal vision of Biblical, Christian, and Messianic education in Israel as well as Egypt, Greece, Jordan, and Turkey. We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • providing information of various educational programs in Jerusalem and the Lands of the Bible and connecting people with Jerusalem educational institutions.
  • support JBSS’s vision of a Jerusalem Seminary that enables short-term, semester, and year-long study-abroad programs for anyone going into ministry.
  • providing unique JBSS study opportunities which help catch Micah’s vision that “instruction will come forth from Jerusalem.”

We hope that you might pray for us and join in this vision of education in Jerusalem and the lands of the Bible whether for yourself, your community of faith, or for the generations to come.   Next year in Jerusalem!