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JBSS is committed to encouraging all varieties of Christian and Jewish study in the lands of the Bible — pilgrimages and spiritual retreats, semester and year study abroad programs, summer courses, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  One way of doing this is to make information concerning these programs available. That’s what this page is all about.
Please email if you would like more information or have any questions or comments. A selection of mainly Catholic and Orthodox institutions can be found at the Christian Infromation Centre.
Below are four sections that may be helpful in navigating your experience of the Holy Land: Study Tours and Sabbaticals, Jerusalem Semester Abroad and Degree Programs, Israel/Palestine Study Programs, and Jerusalem Academic Forums.

Study Tours and Sabbaticals

Alexander College and Shoresh Study Tours at Christ Church inside Jaffa Gate, the Old City. Anglican study center formerly led by Rev. David Pileggi, a historian of Jewish culture and life, who now lectures for them. Alexander College provides sabbaticals for Anglican/Episcopal and other Protestant clergy and highlights the Jewish nature of early Christian faith.

Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation Study Tours, Dynamic tours led by Yoni Gerrish, JCF provides a balanced view of the Biblical story and modern Christian life.

Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration, Led by Rev. Sam Morris, JIBE brings engaging study-tours with dynamic US clergy to the Holy Land.

Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, an academic branch of Educational Opportunities which has brought hundreds of Christian seminary students on scholarships to the Holy Land and utilizes US-based teachers and clergy as well as Palestinian guides in teaching about the Holy Land.

St. George’s College, at St. George’s Cathedral on Nablus Street north of Damascus Gate. Geared for Anglican community which highlights Palestinian liberation theology.

Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem offers a quiet location on the border of Palestinian-Authority Bethlehem and Israeli Jerusalem for sabbatical study as well as clergy study. Tantur Ecumenical Institute previously had an undergraduate program under the auspices of Notre Dame in Indiana.

Jerusalem – Study Abroad, Semester and Degree Programs

Biblical Language Center, Intensive 2,4, and 6 week courses in Biblical Hebrew and Greek. A quick, enjoyable way to learn biblical Hebrew. Offers 3 volumes in Hebrew and Greek for self-motivated learners and courses in Israel and California.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (both the main faculties and the Rothberg International School) . With nearly 25,000 students, Hebrew University offers tremendous academic resources. Unique at HUJ is the BA Preparatory Program – Mechina.

Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators and Scholars, an organization affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Just on the outskirts of Jerusalem, JCBT offers an intensive program geared for Bible Translators in Hebrew and Biblical geography and sabbaticals, but also caters to scholars interested in biblical studies who would like a sabbatical in Jerusalem.

Israel Bible ExtensionThe Master’s College, Located within Yad HaShmona Christian-Jewish Village, IBEX serves students from Master’s College for a semester-abroad program.

Jerusalem University College (formerly the Institute for Holy Land Studies), With a beautiful campus on Mt. Zion, JUC provides a nurturing environment for Christian students.   It excels in teaching the physical settings of the Bible.  Some of their teachers have gone on to teach at HBT, IBEX and UHL.

University of the Holy Land, UHL provides graduate courses with unique offerings in Dead Sea Scrolls and biblical nature and geography.

Jerusalem Academic Forums

Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, An evangelical resource and education center for training, discipleship, and academic research and study. Here, Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians work together to strengthen and support the movement of Jewish believers in Jesus in the midst of the universal church.

Christ Church, located inside Jaffa Gate, this is the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East and blends social action with Jewish history and African-Anglican liturgy

The Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel,  A group of clergy and theologians living in Israel which gather to provide a forum for Christian interaction with Israel and Jewish-Christian relations

Jerusalem Perspective On-Line, A forum for lay and student study with hundreds of stimulating articles edited by David Bivin

Jerusalem School for Synoptic Research, A group of Jewish and Christian scholars and students who look at the Hebraic context of the Synoptic Jesus

Narkis Street Congregation, A meeting place for Protestant students and scholars, with a Saturday morning Bible study

Noteworthy Websites for Christianity and Archaeology in Israel

Catholics for Israel, A unique resource of articles, news items, and thought-provoking posts related to Israel, Jews and Christianity

Daily Alert, News about the Middle East brought together for presidents of American Jewish Organizations

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