Jerusalem Bookstores

Recommended Bookstores in Jerusalem

(See detailed map at bottom)

The following is a compilation of Jerusalem bookstores linked to a Jerusalem map that we would recommend.  Here’s a brief overview of a few that stand out to us.  More can be found here.

Academon Mt. Scopus Bookstore – Small, only Hebrew, University bookstore on Mt. Scopus (also one at Givat Ram campus);  Important for textbooks, Hebrew Ulpan books, etc.

Address: Forum of the Hebrew University – Har HaTzofim

Phone Number: 02-588-2162


Adraba Books – carries a variety of Hebrew and English books, both new and secondhand

               Address: Ben-Maimon 5, Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-567-1266


The Bible Society – An excellent bookstore that meets both academic and devotional desires.  A Bible exhibit engaging the production and printing of Bibles is also found here.

Address: 17 Jaffa Road, P.O.B. 44, 91000 Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-625-1849


The Book Gallery – huge stock of secondhand books on nearly every subject and in many languages, boasts a large compilation of rare and antique titles. Good search capabilities online.

               Address: Schatz Street 6

Phone Number: 02-623-1087


Emmanuel Messianic Bookshop – wonderful shop located in the Old City and part of the Christ Church ministry, providing books, music, souvenirs, and sometimes a wonderful secondhand book.

Address: Armenian Patriarchate Street, Old City Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-627-7746

Franciscan Corner Bookshop – shop located just within Jaffa Gate, providing locals, pilgrims, and tourists with a wide range of publications from the Franciscan Printing Press, other local and foreign Christian publishers

Address: Jaffa Gate, Omar Ibn El-Khattab Square, P.O.B. 14064, 91140 Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-628-2218


Holzer Bookstore: well organized bookstore with occasional cultural events.

Address: 91 Yafo Street, Jerusalem

Phone Number: 076-543-3800


Intellect Books – well stocked used bookstore, mainly Hebrew

Address: 30 Yafo Street, Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-624-3941, 050-722-4598


Ludwig Mayer Books – unique Hebrew bookstore with a large selection of scholarly publications in a variety of languages, willing to order rare books for searching customers

               Address: 4 Shlomzion Hamalka Street, P.O.B. 1174, Jerusalem 91010

Phone Number: 02-625-2628


Mossad Harav Kook – an academic bookstore, with a goal to supply customers with books on every Jewish subject and an in-depth understanding of Israeli literature

Address: St. Jerusalem Rabbi Maimon 1

Phone number: 02-652-6231


Pomeranz Books – selection of Jewish books offered in Hebrew and English with a large selection of Jewish Holy Books, special orders for rare books

Address: Be’eri Street 5, Jerusalem, 91201

Phone Number: 02-623-5559


Sefer v’Sefel – abundant selection of new and secondhand books, primarily in English, ranging from fiction to Judaica

Address: Ya’abetz Street 2, Jerusalem 94232

Phone Number: 02-624-8237


Steimatzky Bookstores – Israel’s oldest and largest bookstore chain

Address: 5 location in Jerusalem, listed below with phone numbers

9 King George Street (Tel. 02-624-0494)

33 Jaffa Road (Tel. 02-625-0155)

7 Ben Yehuda Street (Tel. 02-625-5487)

Mamila Shopping Mall (Tel. 02-625-7268)

Yad Vashem (Tel. 02-643-3392)


The Bookshop – located in the historic American Colony Hotel, specializes in titles dealing with the region of Israel and also hosts frequent author appearances and readings

Address: American Colony Hotel

Phone Number: 02-627-9731


Vice-Versa – French bookshop highlighting Israeli literature in French and French Literature in Hebrew.

Address: Shim’on Ben Shatakh St 1, Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-624-4412